Welcome to Beresford Medical Supplies

As owners of Hampshire based companies in the engineering and garment manufacturing sectors, when the pandemic hit, Debbie and Mark’s responsibility to ensure their staff, across both businesses were fully protected, was paramount.

Methodical research into Medical Regulations and Surgical Face Mask design and functionality, together with their combined skills, enabled husband and wife duo to manufacture a fit-for-purpose, re-usable mask with a disposable filter, better ensuring protection of their people and enabling them to donate to other organisations and individuals in need.

Beresford Medical was borne from the resulting frustrations their research, which highlighted with inconsistencies of Medical Device compliance, quality, logistics and accountability surrounding Type IIR Face Masks on the market.

Being of both Military and Medical parentage, Mark and Debbie’s absolute commitment to the protection of the end user by production of a competitively price pointed and compliant, British, Medical grade and Certified TYPE IIR Surgical Face Mask with full traceability and accountability, was borne.

We’re committed to British

British parts, British made, British quality.

At Beresford Medical Supplies we pride ourselves on using only British parts and British materials to produce a solely British product for the British market.

We’re all about supporting local British manufacturers, British suppliers and other small British businesses.