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Beresford Medical Supplies (UK) Ltd is a sustainable, British Manufacturer of Type IIR Surgical Face Masks, using 100% British raw materials.

Supplying solely to the British Market, our production facilities in Basingstoke, Hampshire also offer ISO 8 Cleanroom Fulfilment to the B2B market.

We are an equal opportunity employer with all staff resident in the local area.

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Product Compliancy

To enable up to date product testing and compliance, Beresford Medical works closely with a British Medical Devices testing Laboratory and British Medical Compliance consultant, ensuring possible future amendments or updates are closely monitored.


Our Ethos

The Beresford Medical Project aims to reduce plastic waste and help lower carbon footprints.  We are proud to have zero waste contribution to landfill, with facility waste processed at Integra North, our local Heat Energy Recovery Plant, (1 mile away from our cleanroom).









Why choose a Beresford mask?

As a sustainable company, Beresford Medical replaced the more commonly used Polypropylene extruded wire, used as a depression strip, with a clean aluminium wire.

Polypropylene is a plastic and consideration of the possible environmental impact of Microplastic pollution from the manufacturing of such a high volume, disposable product, although still to be fully assessed, was a priority.

The Beresford Type IIR Surgical Face Mask also uses latex-free elastic, with all components being biodegradable.

Trusted Suppliers

We’re all about supporting local British manufacturers, British suppliers and other small British businesses. That’s why Beresford Medical Supplies has carefully selected our most trusted partners and suppliers.

Here’s just a small selection of other small British businesses we work with:

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To enquire about our masks, certifications and more, please contact a member of our team today.

We aim to answer all enquires within 24 hours.

Direct Tel: 01256 471002
Email: sales@beresfordmedicalsupplies.co.uk

Please note our masks have:

– A minimum order quantity 1 carton (45 boxes, 2,250 masks)

– Full Product and Batch traceability ensured

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